New cat crochet collars!

New cat crochet collars listed in the shop. My darling boy behaved so well, I'm really proud! ♥You can find the collars here.


Special wall decor.

Sérgio and I decided to give this present to our nephews: a makeover day in their room. 
Sérgio is an artist and made ​​his own interpretation of this image
Rodrigo & Gustavo, I really hope that both enjoy your new room, made with all our love . ♥

Let me know if you or someone you know would like to have a special wall as well. :)

Note: sorry for the bad quality photos. I forgot my camera!


Before and After: dark to light

Despite the poor quality of the photos, I present to you an old furniture that used to be originally brown, then I painted it dark gray and finally became white. Much more light getting in into our room and I love it!